Frequently Asked Questions

Does ICEE Zero contain zero calories?

Yes! ICEE Zero contains zero calories as well as zero fat, sugar or caffeine.

Is ICEE Zero the same as the frozen beverages?

While the flavor is based on the ICEE Frozen Drinks available at your favorite store, ICEE ZERO is a product intended to be used to add delicious ICEE flavor to your water.

Where can I buy ICEE Zero?

Check out our "Where to Buy" section of the website to see where ICEE Zero is available for purchase.

What countries is ICEE Zero available?

ICEE Zero is available in the United States.

Is ICEE Zero Kosher?

Yes. All flavors of ICEE Zero are certified kosher.

Why use artificial sweeteners in ICEE Zero?

Artificial sweeteners provide sweetness without adding calories.

Does ICEE Zero contain caffeine?

No. ICEE Zero contains no caffeine.

Is ICEE Zero safe for diabetics?

ICEE Zero contains 0g of sugar and no calories and should be suitable for diabetics. As always, you should check with your physician before using ICEE Zero.

Is it safe to drink ICEE Zero straight from the bottle?

We don't recommend it. ICEE Zero is highly concentrated and should always be diluted in water.